How to Reduce Electricity Bill - Tips to reduce WAPDA Bill

Are you worried about getting high electricity bills? Is your major part of your income spent by paying your electricity bills? You need not to worry, we are here to help you. We will provide your tips to reduce your electricity bill (reduce electricity cost) which will definitely work. Just stay with us and read the complete article. As we know that above 50-60% of the population of Pakistan and India belongs to the poor and lower middle class. Getting a high electricity bill can create a significant tension for them. Poor and lower middle class people often seem to cry for the high huge amount of bills they get. But the government has not listened to their problems and interest in ( reducing the per unit rate) of electricity. Instead the government is increasing the electricity rates day by day.

10 Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill :

1: Always use high quality wiring :

Electric wire consists of two components which are copper conductor and insulation. It is the most important tip to reduce electricity bills. Because high quality wiring has the best performance in transfer of electricity. Don’t use thin wires in wiring rather use thick wires. Some wires in the photo below. Hope you understand what i want to tell you after seeing the picture.

2: Save electricity by switch- off unnecessary lights, fans and other electric equipments

If you are not using fans, bulbs and electrical appliances, turn them off. Turning off the extra fans and bulbs will greatly reduce your bill. If you are not charging your mobile with a charger, remove it from the electric board. Also, keep chargers for laptops and other electrical items. If you are not using them.So we hope tip no2 will help you in decreasing your electricity bill.

3.Use LED bulb,light and energy saver instead of ordinary light to save electricity.

At home or elsewhere :

I think you will use commonly used bulbs or 100 watt bulbs in your home and in your mansion, tent, and other places.From which the electricity bill comes very high. If you use LED bills instead of these bulbs, your bill will be halved.

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On the shops :

If you are a shopkeeper. So you should only run more lights when customers come, otherwise you should keep them off. This will reduce your electricity bill and you will make a profit. We hope you enjoy the tip. Be sure to watch the video below which gives you a lot of information about bulbs.

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4.Use LED Tv or monitor instead of old Tv and computer monitor :

TVs used in the old days used to consume a lot of energy.Their screens were also white and black. Due to which the picture did not look right. But now used smart TVs consume very little energy and their screens are extremely clean. From these smart TVs it looks like we are seeing this thing in real life. My suggestion is that you use the new era smart TV instead of the old TV. This will lower your electricity bill and make them more enjoyable to watch. This image below shows the old tv and smart tv.

5.Use Dc-inverter Ac instead of ordinary Ac :

Commonly used ACs :

Commonly used ACs use a lot of electricity when the room temperature is maintained. So you have to turn off the AC and adjust the temperature. But it uses a lot of energy. Because starting any electric thing uses a lot of energy.

Inverter ACs :

While the inverter AC can be controlled without turning off the temperature. That is why it consumes less energy. Because it doesn’t have to be shut down and energy is not wasted. So i recommend you to use the inverter ACs. The image below shows the inverter AC.

6.Use an energy saving fan ( energy star fan) instead of an ordinary fan :

The most commonly used items that consume a lot of energy are fans. If you want to reduce  electricity cost use energy saving fans. Floors, ceilings and other fans used in homes use a lot of energy. You should use Approved by Govt of Pakistan red star fans instead of the commonly used fans. This will greatly reduce your electricity bill. See the following picture which guides you to buy energy saving fans.

7.Use minimum energy in Peak hours it will help to reduce electricity cost.

If you do not know about peak hours click to know. Electricity companies recommended that they use minimum electricity in peak hours. Because in the normal time (peak off hours) the unit price is very low but in peak hours the unit price is very high. So I also recommend you to use low energy ( minimum energy ) in peak hours.

8.Put Air conditioner outside in a shaded place to reduce electricity cost :

The compressor must also cool itself to keep the room cool for longer.That’s you should keep your commissar in the shade. So that it does not get hot and works for a long time۔If you do not have a tree in your house, you should make a shady place to keep the commissary.

9.Industry people should use modern machinery to reduce electricity cost.

Because modern machinery uses less electricity but works more.These modern day machines work much better than the earlier machines which used to be much bigger and use more electricity.

10.Use alternative electric generation systems ( like solar , wind etc) along with our electric distribution comment.

Sooner or later the electricity facility will be cut off. That is why we should use solar or wind energy. You can make your own wind or solar energy and sell it to the government and make money. Solar and wind energy are such energies. On which money is charged once and then all live electricity is used. I also recommend you to use solar and wind energy.
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